MBRS340T3G: Overview, Features, and Applications

The MBRS340T3G is a Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


Type: Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode
Package: SMB (DO-214AA)
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
Polarity: It is a unipolar device, conducting only in one direction, with low forward voltage drop.


  1. High Current Capability: The MBRS340T3G is designed to handle relatively high currents up to 3A, making it suitable for power applications.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: The diode exhibits a low forward voltage drop, enabling more efficient energy usage in circuits that incorporate it.

  3. Fast Switching: It features fast switching speeds, making it applicable in circuits requiring rapid state transitions.

  4. High Junction Temperature: With a high maximum operating junction temperature, it can withstand elevated temperatures environments.

  5. SMB Package: The SMB package is designed for surface mount applications, offering easy integration into printed circuit boards.


  1. Power Supply Output Rectification: The diode is commonly used in power supply circuits for rectifying AC to DC, especially in situations where low forward voltage and high current capability are essential.

  2. Reverse Polarity Protection: Due to its unidirectional conductivity, it is used for protection against reverse polarity connections, safeguarding sensitive components from damage.

  3. Switching Circuits: The fast switching capabilities of the diode make it suitable for use in high-frequency switching circuits such as switch-mode power supplies.

  4. Voltage Clamping: It can be employed for voltage clamping in various circuits to prevent voltage spikes from damaging other components.

  5. Voltage Regulation: Used in voltage regulation circuits, especially in low voltage, high current applications where the low forward voltage drop characteristic is beneficial.

  6. Battery Charging Circuits: The diode can be utilized in battery charging circuits to prevent reverse current flow and to achieve efficient energy transfer.

  7. Freewheeling Diode: In inductive load applications, such as motor control circuits, it can be used as a freewheeling diode to provide a path for the inductive current when the switch is turned off.

The MBRS340T3G diode is a versatile component widely used in various power-related applications, owing to its high current capacity, low forward voltage drop, and fast switching characteristics.

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